"Icon and Title" bar sizing within the "Main Editor"

Within the Scrivener manual for Scrivener 3 BETA for Windows that lasts through December 2nd 2020.

“8.1.1 HeaderBar” gives a nice picture of what I’m referring to. It’s on page 114 of the PDF manual.

“Figure 8.1” is the actual picture.

Am I able to change the “Icon and Title” bar size?

I was able to change the “Binder” and the “Main Editor” to fit my eyes better.

The “Icon and Title” bar doesn’t look like it can be customized to any degree.

IF the “Icon and Title” bar were to have a default option in the “Options” tab that would help. Make it the same size as the default “Binder” font size.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Good and sensible thoughts, archangel, and I don’t know how much the project team can anticipate to do, but a good idea always for those of us who write, but on e way or another may not have youthful or otherwise ‘standard’ eyesight.

I’ll be quiet for them to respond, but note that we had a good discussion over icon size, recognizable coloring, etc… some months ago, and definite improvements were made. I don’t think that for some forgotten but real reason that this was easy as it might be thought, at all.

Whatever that factor was, it might influence whether true configurability might be possible or practical, but of course it would be quite welcome and helpful for significant numbers of writers, as you nicely suggest.