Icon Clarification in Binder

I have been through the tutorial (I am sure I missed this), but I cannot figure out what the different folder icons are in the Binder. I noticed there are two types of folder icons in the example on the tutorial. But when I add my own, no matter what I seem to do, I always get a plain folder. What do the other types of icons represent? Maybe the attached screenshot will help…


Picture 2.png

One represents whether there is text in the ‘synopsis’, and the other represents whether the folder itself contains text.

Remember, a folder acts like a text file as well as a folder (and so, can have its own text).

The Help file gives an explanation of the icons, and a good explanation of the Document vs Document Stack vs Folder thing.


Appreciate the reply - I will give the Help file a read-thru. After reading the fairly in-depth tutorial, I realize this software does a lot more than I thought, and though it seems a little overwhelming right now, I am just going to jump in, and hope to learn as I use it.

The best way to learn most things.

It has lots of “stuff”, but you don’t have to use it all.

Use what suits, and when you find yourself wanting something else, check out the help files or tutorial again, and you might find it is already there.

For further clarification, check out this thread, from Paul’s (Luv2Write) post about halfway down the first page and keep reading:


An explanation of the different icons can be found in the section on “The Binder” in the Help file. However, you can safely ignore them. After you have used Scrivener for a little while, you should - I hope - soon realise what the icons represent. For instance, if the icon has an index card in its corner, it means that it has only a synopsis associated with it and so on. It just acts as a clue to the contents of the document, that’s all.
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