Icon Enlargement Please


I searched the forums and found two post that mentioned this issue while attempting to obtain information on how to reconcile a more urgent problem.

Essentially, the icons are very small and hard to see. I am referring to the “Bold”, “Underline”, “Align Left”, “Align Right” etc., icons as well as all the others in the same pane (ie horizontal/vertical split etc.)

Is there anyway to enlarge these icons? If not, are there plans to provide a way in the near future.

I purchased Scrivener approximately two years ago and actually haven’t used it until now. I purchased a Surface Pro 3 just the other day and decided to install Scrivener on it and start learning how to use the software.

I was able to enlarge the text in the binder and on the menus. That in itself was a great help. However I am having difficulty seeing the icons.

Any assistance with this issue is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


See scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … i-displays

Also, search the forums (search field in upper right corner) on “surface pro” or “lenovo yoga” to see what other folks experience and workarounds/fixes have been for such high-resolution-on-small-display devices.