Icon from Text font & alignment

Hi! I tried to search before posting, but didn’t see much about text icons. Apologies if I’m repeating a request.

I use the “Change Icon >> Icon from Text” feature extensively (currently primarily using it in Windows) and there are a few quality of life improvements that’d be great.

First: the ability to control the font of Text Icons. This would solve a few issues for me. Even if the editor displays a given Unicode character or emoji just fine, it’s hit or miss whether it will show up as an empty box when pasted in as a text icon. I work with ancient history a lot, and being able to swap to Segoe Historical would let me use hieroglyphic characters in a relevant project, for example. And being able to swap to a fixed-width font would help icons from letters/numerals line up neatly (f’ex “01” and “02” currently auto-adjust to very different sizes).

Second: right now it seems like Text Icons align in the upper left of the available space. My project would look a lot neater if they were center-aligned in the space (at least horizontally, but both horizontal and vertical would be ideal).

Thanks for reading!