Icon limit in a group?

Is there a limit for how many icons I can have in a group?

I’ve created a large (180+) set of icons (available here) and was adding more today and found that when I added them to Scrivener, one group seemed to be split into two and appear twice in the menu. I split some off into their own group and the problem disappeared.

Is there a limit? If so, could it be removed?


No, there’s no limit, and the code definitely doesn’t check for a limit or create a new group if one is set - if there were a natural NSMenu limit, then the icons wouldn’t appear at all. The only explanation I can think of is that maybe there is something different in the file name - maybe an extra space or suchlike? I tried your icon set and it worked fine for me, but then I gather that the problem only occurred after you added more.

All the best,

I did think of the filename possibility but it wasn’t that - the same files went back into the one group after I moved a dozen or so other icons into their own separate group so assumed it was something to do with a number limit but apparently not.

Perhaps it was the result of me adding and removing all the icons several times in rapid succession while I was testing? Anyway, it’s working for now, thanks.