Icon question

I am using icons to remind me which scenes have been rewritten etc.

One problem I have is, having changed the icon of a normal document from the default I cannot find the original default icon shown in the attached screen shot.

Help ?
Screenshot 2014-06-29 18.15.34.png

I’m not at my Scrivener machine at the moment, but if you right-click on the the folder or document icon isn’t the top-most choice something like ‘reset to default’?

Yes. I see it. I was AFRAID to click on that because I was afraid it would do something else to the document … like go back to being blank … :unamused:

If I ‘reset to default’ it will ONLY change the icon ? (sorry if I am over cautious)

Doesn’t it specify `reset icon to default’? I could be misremembering.

Yes, not only does it say “Reset Icon to Default”, it is also located in the “Custom Icon” menu. There may be a one or two minor exceptions, but by and large we try to sort everything logically and contextually. You won’t find catastrophic file management functions inside of a custom icon menu, for example.

Yep. I wasn’t trying to quote it perfectly … just refer to the choice :open_mouth: