Icon Size in Binder

Hello to all at L&L. The feature request (the ability to adjust the size of icons in the binder) I’m about to add to was proposed in March of 2010. Keith gave a positive response and reasons for the feature implementation being subject to a number of other factors.
What I’d like to add is that the more time one spends looking at a screen (and this tends to be a high figure for researchers and novel writers) the more fatigued the eyes become. As a result of this, it is often not as easy to see an icon clearly in the binder as it would be if it were enlarged. Enabling users to change the icon size would certainly be a big help in this regard. Also, it might be argued that the ability to use different icons for the different categories of written documents, is a non-essential provision. However, this would not be entirely accurate as a meaningful visual guide can be a big help in arranging files and documents. For this to be so, then the icon has to be clearly seen. Of course, younger users whose sight tends to be in a much healthier state than mine, might query my raising the point at all.
But giving me control over the size of what I see on screen would certainly make an old man happy :unamused: :unamused: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
I do hope this can be considered for a future release. That said, Scrivener is still the best package out there for organising written material. Thanks for all the effort put into it to bring it to this point.


Thanks for the kind words! No plans for anything like this at the moment, I’m afraid, as it would involve having different artwork created for all icons and it’s not really standard - source lists in most programs use 16x16 icons and don’t allow you to change them.
All the best,