Loving the Beta.

Would love it if we could adjust the icon size that displays in the binder, up to 32x32 or even 64x64. For those of us with large monitors or lots of resolution, 16x16 is barely a dot.


We do have it on the list to provide 32x32 versions of the icons in a future update.

THANKS KB! I assume this also means that custom icons imported could come in at 32x32?

Yes, that’s right. You’d just choose whether you want the larger or smaller size icons in the Options and it would just switch to using either the 16x or 32x icons depending on your choice. (We have to limit it to a couple of sizes because we have to get new icons created that are optimised for each size.) This will be part of the next major (paid) update of Scrivener, as we have to get all of those 32x icons created by the icon designer we use. (The next major update of Scrivener for Windows will be use all new icons across the board which have been designed to it in with modern Windows icons rather than using the same icons as the Mac version, but will of course still be instantly recognisable between platforms.)

All the best,