Icon Syncing Problems

When I change the icon of a scene (specifically to the “checked” and “unchecked” to-do icon) on either platform (OSX or Win), the icon does not change when I open the project on the other platform; if I change the icon on that platform, the original platform reverts to its default icon. My first attempt to change the icons was on the OSX platform and when I saw the the Win platform didn’t sync the icons, I manually changed them, which in turn reverted the OSX platform scene icons to default when the project synced. I reset all the icons to default on both platforms and reversed the process, starting on the Win platform but the same thing happened.

NOTE: the folders icons have no problem syncing across platforms; however, all I’ve done with the folder icons is to change the color.

I see the same exact problem. Moreover, the icons stay synced between iPad and MacOS, but not with Windows. Once an icon is changed in Win, it becomes “default” on Mac and iPad. Changing it on one of those switches Windows icon to default. Interestingly, this happens with “checked”/“unchecked” to-do icons, but not with others. For example, if I assign “pencil”, it syncs just fine across all three devices.