Icons and Colors

I literally only came here to ask for more colors for the book icon other than red, blue, and brown, because I’m quickly running out of ways to differentiate what I need to in a specific file.

Having said that, more icons is always a good thing. The thing that keeps me from making my own is that I want all of them to match the style that Scrivener’s native icons have, and I’m having a hard time finding them.

In the meantime, I’ll probably try to find the icons and change the color in a photo editing software of some kind, but it might be worth looking into to give more variety into the colors of some of the packaged icons.

We are adding some more stock book icons. Here is a screenshot of the list from the public beta:


This is pretty much perfect, actually. I love the Notebooks, because they feel like they should either contain or be contained by the other colors of standard books. Like, in my organizational style, I’d use the Comp book to contain notebooks, and a blue notebook to contain blue books, etc.


It was also my suggestion coming here, to have more book color choices. I use that icon A LOT.
And I love the “book” & “notebook” option! Can’t wait for those color to be added, :mrgreen:

May I also add to this idea: my usual icon choice is “book” for folders (different colors for different subjects, like “brainstorming/development”, “research”, “snowflake method questionnaires”, “actual project”… etc.), and inside, each new “file/page”, I use the icon “note” (like a colored piece of paper) and I like to match the color of the book, so it’s really easy to visualize different steps of the project I’m working on, or retracing stuff around. :slight_smile: So, like, the red “note” icon into the “red book” icon, and so on… So, there’s 5 colors for the “notes” (red, blue, yellow, green and white). It would be cool to have a “white/silver book” icon to go with it, or “brown note” icon… you get my point… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you! :mrgreen: