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I love the new tinted icons, too. However, when I turn the feature on in the View Menu, my “no label” folders turn white. Is there any way to keep the blue folder icons by default (much as the Research icon stays blue)? I’ve tried making “no label” blue, but as expected, that turns the documents blue, too.

While on the subject of icons, I’ve noticed that some of my document icons have the corners turned down. I don’t see these in the Help and wonder what it signifies.


That simply means you have Snapshots for that document. It’s a quick way of seeing whether or not something has versions.

As Amber points out, turned-out corners indicate that snapshots have been taken for that document - as such, this is covered in the Snapshots part of the Help file.

As for folders turning white - there is really no such thing as “No label”. By default, there is a label entitled “No label”, and that is coloured white. But you could rename this to anything else; that is, you may choose to have a white label colour, in which case it is only right that folders are coloured white to indicate the white label. And there cannot be a transparent label colour…

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Amber and Keith,
Thanks much! I looked up “icons” in the HELP and found lots in the Binder section. Didn’t know to look in the snapshots–those must have come from playing around.
On the tinted icons, your explanation, Keith, was very helpful. I’m still puzzled by this: it seems that if the ‘default’ Scrivener file has blue folders and white icons, even though the default “no label” color is white, then the blue folders should remain blue even when the “tinted labels” option is on, just as the Research folder remains blue. It looks like the “default blue” of the folders gets turned on and off by another mechanism–something beside the changing the View file to show tints. Is there another switch or tweak that retains the default blue folder color?
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No, folders are not comparable to the Research folder. The Research folder does not have a label attached to it. Folders do, though. Folders, remember, aren’t much different from text documents - if you turn off the corkboard, they have text beneath, and you can easily convert between the two. So, when you have no tinting, folders appear as the standard Finder blue. But when you choose to tint everything with labels, naturally the folders get tinted by their label colour - white, in this instance, though it may be any colour you wish.

Thank you, Keith. I get it. For me, the trick is really getting handy about turning tint on and off depending what I’m doing.