I'd like to compile in a particular way

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I’ve used Scrivener to create an outline for a tv show. In the draft I have 6 folders, one for each act, and within them a number of cards for all the scenes in the act. I’d like to print a compilation of this that includes the titles I’ve given to each folder, as well as the titles for each scene. How do I do this?

At the moment when I print out I get all the content of the draft, but not the headings I created. I think what I need is a combination of the enumerated outline and the general compilation.

Thanks - Nigel

Hi Nigel,

Take a look at the “Formatting” pane of the Compile panel - that allows you to tick whether titles, synopses, text and suchlike should be included for each document type. You can also add new levels to the list in that pane so that you can choose different formatting and options for different levels of document in the draft.

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Thanks. Took a bit of hunting, but getting there. I know have it printing out the headers and synopses and such like, but how do I ad the numbering that works so well in enumerating, 1.1, 1.2 and so on.

Best - Nigel

If you click on the “Title Settings” button in the Formatting pane, that allows you to add a prefix or suffix to the titles. Edit > Insert > Auto-Number allows you to insert the necessary tags, but you can also type them in manually and the one you want is <$hn> (hierarchical numbering). So, just type “<$hn>” followed by a space or dot or whatever in the prefix area of the Title Settings.

Hope that helps.

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