I'd like to export a chapter folder w/scenes to a single rtf for readers

I’m lucky enough to have a few friends reading my chapters as i revise them.

I know i need to figure out the how to compile for epub, but for now I’m just trying to finish my writing, and I’m sending them exported rtfs for each chapter (which mean manually pasting scenes into one long scene as a workaround and exporting it to rtf).

Right now if I select the chapter folder and “export” it to rtf, gets exported to the hard drive is a folder with each scene as an un-ordered rtf (meaning, there is no order by alpha sorting). I’d like to export a folder as a single long rtf for my readers.


Any chance this is doable?

Hi, this is to be done by compile rather than export.

Select the documents to be compiled together in the binder (no need to manually merge anything, just select all the documents that you want), then

Set the compile to “current selection”
Inked2022-03-06 17_18_20-Compile Overview_LI

Select your desired output format. (RTF, PDF, whichever you like from the dropdown list.)
Inked2022-03-06 17_29_14-Compile Overview_LI

Next, choose a compile format from those then available in the list on the left side of the compile panel, and finally run a test to see if it all looks alright once compiled.

→ For more details (page breaks, formatting, headers, page numbering, etc etc etc), the best advice I can give you here is to read chapter 23 of the manual (“compiling the draft”).
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

P.S. If your chapter scenes are organized inside a parent (“chapter”) document or folder, instead of selecting all the documents you wish to compile, you may select only this parent document and check this option from within the compile panel :
Inked2022-03-06 17_51_17-Compile Overview_LI


The other way is to create a collection of files want to export and instead of manuscript click dropdown and choose newly created collection and compile and share

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Thank you so much for the screen grab. I had tried that before without see the .rft option. It was off my screen and I need to scroll up!