I'd like to see style attributes included in replace operations

When trying to replace 易經 by Yijing (with ‘Yijing’ in italics and the regular Palatino font, not the latin alphabet of the Chinese font), the result was not as expected. It turns out style attributes are not taken into consideration when doing ‘replace’ — I could have suspected as much when I was unable to paste the italics/Palatino string into the replace field. This would be very convenient to have.

Let me add that, as a second best solution, a ‘Find All’ command would be useful (do the unformatted replacing first, then find all instances of the newly added string and apply formatting to them in one go). I thought Scrivener offered Find All (seeing that it does allow noncontiguous text selection), but I can’t seem to locate the command.

Does no-one want this? That would be a surprise.

I occasionally do wish that I could apply a style on the replacement (especially since I want to do a mass replacement of custom styles with other custom styles), but I feel that my needs are an edge-case. Also, poor planning on my part… so I haven’t asked for it, and plan to use Keyboard Maestro to help me automate that task when the time comes.

But yeah, I’d like it too; we just don’t do a lot of “me too” posts here. It’s a bit irritating, and the developer doesn’t add features based on polls–it’s too easy to make it look like there’s a bigger demand than there is that way.

Thanks, that explains. Good policy, by the way, the developer’s.