I'd like to think so...

I’ve been writing since high school, and seriously to get published for the last… Urgh… Fifteen, twenty years now.

I’ve had a few things published in role playing game magazines years ago, plus one science fiction short story. In recent years, my comic book scripts have been getting published with some consistency. My artist-partner and I recently won the Rising Stars of Manga competition for Best Horror entry, put on by TokyoPop. That’s the biggest deal for us recently.

I’m working on finishing my first fantasy novel (which I’ve been struggling with, on and off, for about a decade). I’m aiming to have it finished by the start of the World Science Fiction convention in Yokohama, Japan.

What attracted me to Scrivener was the corkboard feature. I’ve used 3 x 5 cards for years now to help plot things out. I use the corkboard in a similar way, without the clutter of keeping the cards around. That feature alone made me buy the program.

I guess that’s it by way of self-introduction. Except to add that I’m always on the look out for artists to draw my stuff, so if you know of anyone interested in drawing spaceships and aliens, let me know.

Erick Melton

Hi Eray,

sounds like we’ve got a few things in common. I’m a fantastist mostly but have recently began dabbling with sci-fi, which is proving to be a lot of fun. I haven’t really gone to effort of publishing. I write for a living and so my creative persuits are more of a hobby.

My brother draws most of my stuff; he’s really good but specializes in mostly black and white pencil and charcoal. I’m building for him and if you like I’ll send you the link when I’m done.




I appreciate the reply to my post. I look forward to getting the link from you.

As an aside, the Rising Stars of Manga #7, which contains my short story, should be out this week (in the United States at least). Plus the editors have already asked me to submit a proposal to them to create a graphic novel based on the story. Things are progressing.