I'd love this ONE feature of google docs/word...

In google docs and word when working with an editor, they can leave “suggestions” that you can accept or decline. If your sentence is “Its nice out here” then editor can come in and suggest the apostrophe between t and s be added, and if you hit accept, it changes it in your document. It would mean you could send a scrivener file directly to your editor, instead of putting it out on word or google docs first, and would make editing a lot easier.

There have been quite a few discussions about this already:

And last but not least, the first response in this one describes our stance on the matter:

I think, Ioa, that the OP is asking more for something like Word’s Track Changes feature, where a human editor can make suggestions for the author to accept or decline.


Ah, in that case there is a different list! Though the links there focus more on personal editing, a number of these tools are useful when working with someone else, such as tracking what has changed between edits when using Snapshots.