IDE style quotation/speech marks around selected text

I’ve done a bit of searching here and haven’t found any help on this one so hopefully it can go on the wish list!

In most modern IDE’s (e.g. VS Code), selecting text with the mouse/command + arrows and then typing a " or ’ will surround that block in said quotation marks. Such a feature would be great (even if toggle-able) in Scrivener, especially for those who also write software like myself.

Would love to hear what others have to say too!


This sort of behaviour has gone beyond IDEs for quite some time now, though it has yet to find its way into word processor oriented software, sadly. I agree it’s very nice, and is equally useful for common punctuation that tends to be balanced as well, like (…). You don’t have to be a programmer to find it useful to select a sentence and mark it out as parenthetical without cursor-dancing around. It’s something I’ve had on a “would be nice” list for a while now.


Thanks for the response!
Good to know it’s on the “would be nice” list. It’s one of those tiny things that I would love and when I think about it is almost an expected behaviour. I didn’t realise my note taking app (Obsidian) did it too until I went to correct my missing quotes in my thesis and the sentence vanished!
I’ll hold tight until it comes out.
Thanks again.