idea for a lightweight scrivener like latex editor

Hi, I originally posted this in the other editor software board asking whether there was a latex editor available which has key features of Scrivener, such as rearrangability, support for metadata notes, etc.

I love Scrivener, but find the process of getting LateX output rather burdensome. I’m a Ph.D. student currently taking a software engineering course and we have to write an editor. I would like to write one which takes some of the best features of Scrivener but can be used to output native LateX. My ideas are this:

The primary (initial)purpose would be for writing document class articles, i.e. scientific papers.
I think the features would be something like this:

  1. A sidebar which is organized into sections, sections having names which are converted to \section in latex. Under the sections would be an expandable list of subsections inserted into the latex document as \subsection.

  2. The ability to rearrange sections a la scrivener

  3. Support for metadata, i.e., notes which are automatically put into the document in the form of comments prefixed with %

4)a compile feature which takes the organized sections and subsections, turns them into a flat document and provides the ability to view the document as a pdf.

  1. for bonus points, integration into bibliographic managment via a window which shows the citations that you are working with and has the ability to highlight in the document where the citation keys appear

What do you guys think? I have to write an editor anyway and might as well write one that would be useful to me. Are there any suggestions about additional functionality that would be desired?

Just a quick note; good luck on your project and I hope you have fun with it.

I am curious what it is you find about Scrivener that is burdensome. This claim has been made twice now but without clarification. There are probably a lot of answers that would make it a smoother process for you. For instance some of the things in this list can easily be done in Scrivener already (despite the obvious ones).

For instance; and maybe:

But I’m not quite sure if I followed that one.

actually that is very helpful. Thanks. Perhaps with this I can skip the multimarkdown step and just compile to plain LateX.