Ideas for creating a list of chapters and scenes

I’ve been finding that my chapters and scenes have been showing up in odd places (in my manuscript I mean). I guess I need to be more careful about dragging and stuff when I move things around. I wonder if there is a simple way to keep a reference document once I verify the proper order of everything. Just a list of chapters and scenes - no writing or synopses. For example, a manuscript of 25 chapters each with 3 scenes would be a list of 100 items.

I would love to hear any ideas no matter how basic or how complicated. I tried opening an OPML in a text editor which worked but it wasn’t very clean.

You can download FreePlane and produce a nicely formatted, searchable document from the OPML.

You can just select all of your chapters, and create a collection, which you can name “correct chapter order” or whatever makes sense for you. You should also be able to create a series of links to the folders/documents that make up your chapters in another document, if that’s easier to reference.