Identifying a file's path without losing the search result (purple) list

As I am working in Scrivener on a document with a relatively big amount of files,
I use quite a lot the search function (just above the file/folder list in the left side of the window).
• when I search for a word, I receive a list (colors in purple, with the search results.
• If I want to know where is a certain result in the binder I have to use the “Reveal in Binder” in the contextual menu
• (however, this action makes the search results disappear, and I have to restart the search in order to see the results list.
I found another way to know the file’s path : just putting the mouse’s arrow on the result makes appear a tiny window mentioning the path,
for example : Draft/Chapter One/Section Three/Introduction
Hiowever :frowning: :frowning: this very useful function works for a while and then stops…
The only way to make it work again: to quit and restart…
Do you know how to make it work always?
In other words : Is there a way to know the parts of a file in the search results without losing this “purple” list.
Many thanks for your attention.

Hope this works for you: right click anywhere in the header view – which can be turned on at View / Editor Layout / Show Header View – and choose Path.

Thanks YeYe !
Helpfull, yes !!!

Happy to have helped.