Identifying drive path of current open project

Amber, help me here! This query hearkens back to a much earlier post I put up regarding backing up projects to external drives and Dropbox (I loved your advice on backing up as zip drives to Dropbox and follow it regularly, so have not run into any synching problems).

My question concerns identifying the individual paths of two versions of a project, the current (working) one stored on my hard drive in my Scrivener file, and an earlier version of the same project which I backed up to my external drive. I wanted to check something I had subsequently revised, so unzipped and opened the earlier version from my external drive while I also had the current version open. All well and good. Then, because I have no brain, I got the two of them mixed up, since they both had exactly the same names.

I tried to find out which was which by searching for some identifying label–I thought when I pressed Save, I might get the dropdown window that told me what I was saving each particular project as–presumably the drive it came from. No go. In the end I just saved both and then opened my current one which was how I distinguished it from the earlier version. But is there another way, something I can check while the projects are both open?

Hope this makes sense. I still haven’t quite mastered the jargon of the cyberage.

Hold down the Command key and click on the title of the project window to view a pop-up menu of the path to the project. If you select an item in the menu (except for the project itself) it will be revealed in the Finder.


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Dave, this sounds like great advice except I don’t understand what you mean by “the title of the project window.” What window exactly are you referring to? Somewhere in the open project itself? Talk to me like I am a kindergartner. A picture would be great if you could manage that.

I swear, luddite takes on a whole new meaning when I am in the picture.

Never mind, I figured it out! :smiley:

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