Idiots Guide for Linpus Linux Lite

I desperately want to use Scrivener on my Aspire One running Linpus LInux Lite as my Windows laptop is too slow and stodgy. However, being a linux luddite I have spent three nights struggling to work out what to do with no success whatsoever.

Is there a complete idiot’s guide to doing this anywhere? I know that Linux is for the generally more savvy computer user, which clearly I’m not; but i think i might be able to follow a clear set of pea-brain instructions if such a thing exists anywhere?

Any help would be much appreciated and would save my sanity.

Do you use any kind of package? If you don’t, you can unpack the .deb. Unpack the other two files within it. Go into the directory created and copy what’s in /usr/share/LiteratureandLatte into your /usr/share directory. Then copy the script in scriv-version-number/usr/bin into your usr/bin directory. It should work, although I’ve had some issues with the most recent build on my laptop. (Newer version of Slackware than my desktop.)