Idiot's guide to syncing between desktop and laptop?

I would be really grateful if anyone could point me towards some super-simple instructions for syncing across MacOS devices. I’ve been using Scrivener successfully on my iMac for some time but would now like to be able to use it on a MacBook. I have downloaded Scrivener to the MacBook, and also have a Dropbox account but I’m really not sure which steps I need to take in order to ensure that my Scrivener files will be safely saved to Dropbox and accessible from the laptop. I currently just save to my iCloud Drive (though I’m also not 100% sure that this is properly backing up in the right way.) Basically, I’m nervous about losing my stuff and need someone to walk me through this! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Posted here many times … quick search of past posts can provide a wealth of information. Start here:

I’m not sure I understand your backup method–sound like you may be storing your Scrivener projects on iCloud and then thinking that’s backups? … but best if you use the automatic backup (to zip files) provided by scrivener on open/close/whenever-asked-for. I’d suggest saving those backups to the local drive, say ~/Backups/Scrivener, and then rely on your routine TimeMachine system backups to backup your entire system including these Scrivener projects and backups. I don’t rely on sync services for backups–just for synching.