iDisk backup

I’ve tried sending my Scrivener backup files (zipped) to iDisk and find the web interface fails to upload the files on a regular basis. Same thing happens when I go to my iDisk in the finder and drag and drop the file. Sometimes it works, often it fails. I’m running Tiger on a PowerPC G4.

Any thoughts on how to get iDisk to behave itself, or another application I might use to upload the files to iDisk? Anyone using Transmit, does it work well?


iDisk? Feh. Dropbox. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know, but I found Dropbox funky, at least when I tried it shortly after it came out, same with Mosy.

Transmit seems to work just fine(after a half-dozen successes).

The application allows you to create a droplet, which I’ve put in the folder holding my most recent Scriverner backups. When I’m really to back up, I just drag the backup file to the droplet and it sends it to iDisk.


I’ve used Dropbox regularly and it saved my bacon recently after my hard drive failed.


I use DropBox … iDisk is just a repository for old stuff that I may need some day. DropBox is brilliant, provided you don’t try working on a .scriv project or similar package format “file” actively. Always work from your internal HD.

I’m also a long-term Transmit fan, though I’ve never used it with iDisk. I also have ForkLift, which has other advantages, like being able to move files between folders on a local disk. I don’t use it to replace Transmit, though, as I trust Transmit and it’s easy to use.