If Ctrl+Tab...

…moves focus to the Next Major Element, why doesn’t Ctrl+Shift+Tab move focus to the Previous Major Element?

Also, if, in the Keyboard Shortcuts window, the Ctrl+Tab “Focus Next Major Element” command has “Binder” as its Label, why is it that under View -> Move Focus To, Ctrl+Tab is indicated as belonging to the Left Editor – especially given that, with a split editor, it’s not possible to use the keyboard to move through the binder and have it update the Left Editor (which would be solved if it was possible to use Ctrl+Shift+Tab to move “backwards” but it’s not) even when the Right Editor is locked?

And why does the option for Left Editor appear 2 times in that 4-item submenu. and is its first appearance mislabeled?


Toggling which editor pane the binder controls is accomplished via View > Binder Affects.

Under View > Move Focus To, the first appearance of Left Editor is supposed to be contextual, to tell you where Ctrl-Tab will move the keyboard focus based on its present focus, and offer that as a menu option. The second appearance provides direct access to the other available elements without regard to the present state of focus.

But I think you’ve indeed identified a menu flaw: that Left Editor (or Top Editor) continues as labeled destination for Ctrl-Tab regardless of where Ctrl-Tab will actually move focus.

And the double display of Left Editor or Top Editor also means that express keys don’t work consistently:

  • Alt-V-V-R moves focus to Right Editor immediately.
  • Alt-V-V-B moves focus to Binder when there’s a vertical split. But it requires you press Enter when there’s a horizontal split because B may mean Bottom in that case.
  • Alt-V-V-L and Alt-V-V-T always require you press Enter because each appears twice on the menu based on split context.

So I’d propose to the developers that the top menu option under Move Focus To be relabeled as Next (or Next) Pane. Primarily because the present menu is not accurately tracking focus, but also because doing so would provide unique and consistent express keys. Additionally, under a horizontal split, Bottom should be labeled Bottom to assure that Alt-V-V-B directs focus to Binder in all contexts.

Rgds – Jerome