If I buy now, free upgrade to both Mac & Windows v. 3?

I’m an academic who has been experimenting with the trial version of Scrivener. I"d like to move away from Word as my main writing tool and Scrivener looks like a wonderful alternative. If I purchase a licence now for both Mac & Windows, will I be eligible for the free upgrade to v. 3 when it comes out?

Yes, according to this post: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/copy-without-annotations-footnotes/161/1

The post talks exclusively about the Mac version, which is expected to be released before the end of the year. The Window version 3 won’t bevreleased until we are well into 2018 and L&L have never said that Windows users buying v2 will get a free upgrade to v3 half a year from now…

[Post deleted because I assumed that something regarding the NaNoWriMo offer applied to regularly purchased Scrivener for Win licenses].

Sorry about that Keith.

No, that applies to NaNo users buying Scrivener for Windows after Scrivener 3 for Mac has been released… Essentially, if you buy now, you’ll get a free update to Scrivener 3 for Mac when it comes, because we always give free updates to anyone who has purchased within the three months prior to release, and we are definitely less than three months away from the Mac 3.0 release. But the Windows version will be much longer, so right now you aren’t in the free three-month upgrade window, so if you buy the Windows version now, you’ll need to pay a $25 upgrade fee when Windows 3 is released. There might be a better deal after Mac 3.0 is released, but we haven’t announced anything official about that yet…

OK thanks for clarifying.