If I buy Scrivener will I keep all my work from trial versio


I am nearly there with a formatted novel for epub - I am on the trial version with 20 days left - if I click ‘buy on line’ what happens to that existing project and all its files? Does it simply register me as paid and I carry on from that trial version and next time I open scrivener from my desktop icon its al there? Do I have to spot some option in te download process to do that - or do I have to copy files into the newly bought version or some other thing? Is that going to be easy? Having got this far in formatting then obviously I need to know

Thank you!

Registering won’t change the software at all, except for disabling the countdown clock and enabling you to use it beyond the initial 30 days. So, yes, once you’ve paid and entered your registration code you’ll be able to continue just as you were before.

Note, that this isn’t quite the same if you’d been using the beta version instead of the normal trial (in which case I’d recommend making sure you’ve saved compile presets, layout files and preferences, then uninstalling the beta before installing the official version and loading up all your saved preset / preference files). But you don’t have to worry about that by the sound of things (the betas have a defined expiry date rather than a number of days left).

Basically Scrivener works like most other software on your computer: you use it to load files and edit them. The project format is a bit more complicated than your average .doc or .jpeg file, but that is the basic ideal. When you create a project, it is stored on your disk in the user folder area where you told it to be saved (probably My Documents as that is the default). The software kind of makes this non-obvious because it has a convenience feature switched on my default that loads your last project(s). This should not be confused with data and software being merged together into one volatile thing. It just means the software has stored a setting that says you were working on Project X when you quit, so the next time you double-click the icon it goes looking for Project X, and if it finds it, it loads it and you start working.

So given all of that, you wouldn’t expect your .doc files to disappear or be destroyed if you uinstalled or upgraded Word. They might disappear from the “Recent Documents” list, but that isn’t the data itself. That is always on your hard drive (or wherever you saved it) right where you left it, non-volatile just like any other folder with files in.