if I have macOS Scrivener, do I get iOS Scrivener for free?

I bought a Mac copy of Scrivener when it first came out, before you could buy it on the App Store. subsequently I have bought version 2 and look forward to version 3. lately I have contemplated replacing my laptop with an iPad and wonder, will my macOS license carry over to the iOS version?

bonus question: concerning the apps I purchased via the macOS App Store… does Apple allow me to DL them again from the iTunes store for free or would I have to buy them all over again? (I expect the latter.)

I’m sorry, no. iOS Scrivener is a separate product requiring a separate purchase. You should also know that it does not duplicate the full Mac Scrivener feature set, due to the limitations of the platform.

Yes, Apple will allow you to download multiple copies of both Mac Scrivener and iOS Scrivener.