If I lose my laptop....

…have I lost my project? Or is it saved on a Scrivener server?

You will lose your project.

Back it up in at least three different places … unless you are paranoid, in which case just choose a number that makes you feel safe (four, five?)

Cheers, Martin.

For the love of all that’s unholy, get a Dropbox account (db.tt/wkVOHdH *), then go to Scrivener->Preferences and locate the Backups tab. Point your backups to the dropbox folder that you’ve just set up, and make sure that automatic backups are set to occur when you close a project.

Do that, at the very least. And don’t forget your Dropbox password!

Also: External hard drive + Time Machine is the simplest way to save your entire computer’s contents on a regular basis. It takes a long time (possibly overnight) the first time, but then it’s as quick as the drive’s connection will allow**.

  • Full disclosure: I get 500MB free space if you use that link)
    ** If you have a really new Mac, a Thunderbolt external drive will be the fastest backup destination available to you, but really, even a modest USB connection is pretty fast for the hourly backups.

Yep I use time machine and drop box. But I was copying and pasting manually to the dropbox folder. Thanks for the tip about setting the backup to point to the drop box folder. Real time saver!

Yes, that’s a useful piece of advice.