If I save Options in the beta, will this change Options in my 1.9 projects?

I’m doing some testing using the beta, and I’m writing my live projects in 1.9.
If I change some of the program options in the beta, will this affect my 1.9 projects, or is the beta saving its own, separate set of options? I don’t want to risk messing up my live work.

…and a follow up…
If they are separate, can I import a settings file into the beta that was saved from Scriv 1.9?

1.9 and beta do not share options.

Yes, I’ve done this successfully. Although I can’t say for sure that all of the beta settings are updated, certainly the most obvious ones were (e.g., composition mode font, background, etc.)

As JimRac said, the options for the two are separate, so changing preferences for the beta won’t affect your installation of 1.9.7.

As for import, that may be possible now, but don’t plan on this for the future. The beta is still undergoing changes with the options settings, so there will be increasing differences between 1.x and 3.0 as we go forward, and importing a preference file from the earlier version will likely have less and less effect–or necessarily be desirable, as overall changes may make the old options no longer what you want. So just a fair warning that your milage may vary. :slight_smile:

Thanks for this. I have tested using Manage to Save my 1.9.7 Preferences and then used Manage to Load the Saved 1.9.7 Preferences into the beta version and it worked fine, but I must admit to not having really tested out that each one translated correctly.

I have spent most of today going through the various Preferences with the beta, so getting a good handle on each one. Do you expect this to change a little or much in future betas and by the time 3.0 general availability? Not looking for a commitment, just some guidance, and have followed this post to keep up on any updates.