If the Internet disappears

Hi All,
If the internet were to go down because of everyone using it or they restrict it’s use because of all that’s going on is there away to transfer an updated project from Windows 10 to IOS and visa a versa.?
Regards (Grandad7 (now 10)

Yeah, plug the device into the computer and use a file manager to copy the project straight to it, no fussing about with the Internet. :slight_smile: You can also set up your device to backup and sync over WiFi, with iTunes, so you can do without the USB cable once you do that. In this, “file manager” can be as basic as iTunes, but I prefer third-party tools, which tend to make this process more straightforward. Whatever the case, you’ll find instructions on page 115 of the user manual PDF.

Thanks AmberV, encouraging instruction I will give it a go.
Let’s hope though we do not reach that point for all the obvious reasons so many emergency service’s need it more than I do.