If the Internet disappears

Hi All,
If the internet were to go down because of everyone using it or they restrict it’s use because of all that’s going on is there away to transfer an updated project from Windows 10 to IOS and visa a versa.?
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The iOS Scrivener app is linked to the Windows application for project file synching via a file sharing/storage cloud service like Dropbox. If you are currently running Windows and an iPad in sync then you are already sharing the project file(s). If the Internet ‘breaks’ then your iPad won’t be able to access Dropbox for the latest project file version in any case. To be honest, if the Internet really does go ‘splinternet’ then you’ll have a damn sight more to worry about than your Scrivener files. Having access to drinking water and food, for example…

I don’t know if it’s still the case, but connecting an i-device to USB and using iTunes to transfer files was (is?) a way to copy projects from/to an iPhone. It’s not a sync solution… you’re copying the entire project back and forth that way.

Scrivener for iOS can copy one project at a time to a .zip compressed file, which you can then send via whatever means you have to move files between iOS and Windows computers.

So, get to know how to create that archive on your iOS device, and then research how to transfer that to your Windows computer without internet access.

Yes, it’s still true that you can transfer projects to/from an iOS device via Apple file sharing.

Having extra backups is never a bad idea, regardless of the state of the internet and/or civilization.


You could also take a look at iMazing (Mac & PC) which makes file transfers really easy. it’s not a sync solution since you have to copy across the whole scriv project.