If yoiu wake up ...

Many clever people have said many clever things about how you can consider what you are. So people say, you can call yourself a writer, if other people have called you a writer, or if you are published by someone?

I do not think so. I think: if you wake up in the morning and all u can think about is writing first then you suppose to be a writer. Rilke was responding this in a letter to a young writer who asked him, how he can consider himself as a writer.

My name Peter and I am a writer :slight_smile: I am from Austria, so my native language is german, so please bear with me in case of lots of writing errors.
I switched over to Scrivener from a german writers software named Papyrus Autor and I am happy I did. I use Scrivener on Windows and I am pretty sure I will have a lot of questions, but at least I could made it to copy my last novel project fully to Scrivener and start sorting, analyzing.

Greetings from sunny and icecold Vienna,