Ignorant Person Asking about Synching and Dropbox Stuff

I’m a little overwhelmed with what I need to do regarding using Scrivener between all of my computers and devices, namely:

iMac, MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone

I wrote my first novel on Google Docs because I could be anywhere in the world and on any machine and was able to write freely with the document always updated in real time.

Now I want to do the same with Scrivener.

I understand that I can install the app on my Mac computers at home without an issue, but what is the best way to do this. I have downloaded it to my iMac, should I do the same download onto my MacBook Air? Or bring it over to the laptop with a thumb drive and install it that way? Do I use the same registration code to register it?

And then what about my iPhone and iPad. Do I have to purchase the app for those devices separately? And do I need to purchase one for iPad and one for iPhone? That gets expensive. Or is there a discount for people who own the desktop app?

And then what about synching to Dropbox folder. Presently I have set up a folder for my manuscript in DB and then also inside that folder a folder for back-ups. Is that the best way to do that?

And then finally will the app for iPhone, say, just automatically log into that same DropBox folder, so when I do any writing it will make changes in the same file I am accessing from desktop computer?

Sorry for so many questions in one post, but I want to get this right? :wink:

You can use the same download, or not. Use the same registration code.

iOS Scrivener is a separate purchase and there’s no discount. One license can be used for multiple iDevices.

Live projects and backups should be located in different directories. Explanation here:
scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … tion-error
Beyond that, it’s not a good practice to put all your eggs in one basket. The way you’re currently doing things wouldn’t be helpful if DB had a major failure or was significantly unavailable.

Syncing instructions here:
scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … g-with-ios

Rather than DB, you can use iTunes or other file manager (including with other cloud services) to transfer between macOS and iOS.

Thank you very much for this information. So helpful. :smiley:

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

In case you don’t know––both Apps have must-do, very helpful tutorials.

Happy reading and writing.