Illustrated cooking ebook ?

Hello there :slight_smile:

I’m Mélanie, from Paris (France), and my pseudo writer is Mély :slight_smile:
I am currently searching all ressources possible to make one of my dream come true : writing several (yes, yes : several ! One isn’t enough :smiley: ) e-books.

I’m kind of a geek person, so I don’t mind to learn how to use a new software :slight_smile:
I wish my e-book to be available on Amazon (Kindle format), as on iBook store.
I found Scrivener, and was delighted about it.

I wish to take great care of the design of the pages.
As my e-book is a cooking one (yum !), there will be pictures, but I wish also to be sweet, and nice, with some colors.
Here is an example of what I would love to have as a result :

Here is my question : is it possible to have a result as the above quoted ?
Is there any kind of “style” (as there are in Pages, and epub) ?

Thanks so much for your kindness, your help, and support… :slight_smile:
Have a beautiful day / evening everyone :slight_smile:

(small ps : sorry if my english is bad… Since it’s not my mother tongue, there might be some mistakes !)

I don’t think this is quite the right program for you, if what you are looking for is something to format material you’ve already put together. Scrivener is actually mainly the writing tool—it doesn’t really concern itself too deeply with the formatting and publication side of things. For basic e-books (in terms of formatting) such as novels, it suffices quite nicely, but for fancy layouts like these, you really need to be using a layout oriented tool, or something that can let you create the layouts yourself. A technically inclined person might find Sigil to be very useful for this, as it gives you direct control over the book code. Anyone that can create a web page can make a beautiful e-book.

That isn’t to say that Scrivener would not be useful for writing recipe books (in fact we even have a template for that!) but its focus is definitely on the writing, and on the organisation of the content itself. It will help you tag your recipes so you can easily find related ones. It will help you write them out and gather photos. It helps you make sense of the information in the book.

And as always: download our free 30-day demo. That will give you 30 actual days to test the software (not just from when you install it), which should be plenty enough to figure out whether it will do what you need.

I hope that makes sense, let me know if something is unclear.

Hi Mély,

I have a different thought about what you say. I am in the process of converting a friend’s already published cookery book for him to publish it in eBook format and using Scrivener to do it.

Firstly, the web page you point to is very misleading. She says her book is available as an eBook, but if you read closely, what she is actually offering is a PDF version of the printed book. I wonder if the equivalent is possible in Kindle format as eBooks leave much of the appearance — text size and font, left-aligned vs fully-justified, etc. — up to the reader. For those who have the basic Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kobo, Nook etc. they are black and white only, so images need to be planned on that basis. Kindle Fire, which seems rather to be a tablet, and any other tablet will allow colour.

iBooks author, I believe, gives you the possibility to add images and presumably background colour, so I suspect it would be easiest to achieve what you want with that, but of course, the output is only readable with iBooks. However, I haven’t yet explored any of these issues in detail, as I am still in the process of bringing the original first-draft text of the recipes up to match the text in the printed version, and entering all the introductory text that is in the printed version but not in the first draft that I’ve been given.

However, if Ioa (AmberV) is right in assuming you’ve already written your text, I’m not sure Scrivener will help you that much and you would be served better with Pages, Nisus Writer Pro, Word or other page-design oriented program. If, as I understand it, you are at the beginning of the writing process, then Scrivener is worth spending the time getting to grips with. Note, I am not using the recipe book template. I prefer to start from a blank sheet and work out how I want to set it up.

But good luck with your projects.

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