Illustrations TOC based on Label


I am building a 3000-page PDF book directly from Scrivener, with 35 illustrations. Compile time runs about half an hour. I have separate Table of Contents and Table of Illustrations. I’m using the Copy Special / Copy as ToC function to build each of them - but of course they have vastly different content from each other.

It occurs to me that I should be able to tag the illustrations as General Meta-Data / Label / Illustration, do a search, and copy-special-as-ToC the result to quickly build the table of illustrations. In other words, a ToC based on the Label. Is this possible and sensible?

Thanks for such a great product!

Ed Barnard
Cannon Falls Minnesota USA

Yup, it works. Saved the search as a collection. Nice feature!

Glad you got it sorted and that your solution worked.


Happy New Year,