I'm a bit confused...

I’m keen to start using Scrivener (I’m NaNoWriMo-ing) and I will be more than happy to pay for this software.

Having said that, which version should I use? The Gold? Beta 1 or 2? Are there ‘swings & roundabouts’ that I should consider?

I haven’t used this sort of software before, so I’m kind of a clean slate. I’m using Word on my current project and it is a dog’s breakfast - I want to get organised for November.

Download the Beta 2. Within a week or two, Beta 3 will be released — you will be able to simply update your current installation.

Scrivener Gold is the earlier incarnation which Keith used to get experience. It isn’t supported. Beta 2 is a major breakthrough and a pleasure to use.

Thanks for the prompt reply!

OK, B2 it is. I thought that may be the case, but I got myself a little befuddled.


In my opinion, definitely go with beta 2 (although beta 3 is just around the corner). SG, while free forever, is unsupported, and there are a few bugs lurking (nothing critical, though). The only thing that SG has that, from a Nano perspective, you might really like is a global progress meter that tracks your word count, and how far you have gone towards accomplishing your goal. While lacking the nifty progress meter and goals, you can still get a global word count in Scrivener by visiting the View menu/Statistics/Project Statistics. Since Scrivener is designed around the concept of having support documents and a “Draft” document, you can keep your non-Nano countable documents outside of the Draft, and quickly see precisely how many words you have in your (Rapidly!) expanding novel.

But, truly it is a preference. I, and most others here (actually, I don’t think anyone is using SG anymore), have left Scrivener Gold behind. Some of us are already using Beta 2 in a production environment. You might, however, find yourself liking the philosophy of SG better – it does have a fundamentally different feel to it. So, I would give Beta 2 a go, and if it really doesn’t click with you, give SG a try.

If you decide to go with Scrivener, make sure you keep updating whenever a new beta comes out - beta 3 is the next one, as others have already stated. With each beta the program becomes more stable. I think others have already said everything else - and yeah, Scrivener Gold is unsupported now. :slight_smile:
All the best,

Thanks again - I’ve downloaded & installed B2 and I can’t wait to get stuck in at lunch time and make a start. I’m all of a doodah already.