I'm a paying customer now.

Well, after almost a month with the trial version, I finally coughed up forty bucks and bought a license for Scrivener. I would have done it three weeks ago if I didn’t have to replace my car’s exhaust system. :slight_smile:

I love Scrivener’s fullscreen editing mode, as it’s perfect for avoiding distractions. I also love being able to import images and web archives into my Scrivener project. Since my current project draws on mythology from many cultures, it helps to be able to save Wikipedia pages as web archives using Safari, and then import those archives into Scrivener.

It’s also handy to be able to import photos of weapons, vehicles, buildings, works of art, and clothing into Scrivener, each with its own folder. Now I don’t have to bother with Spotlight when I want to find that picture of a lady’s jacket that’s laced up the back like a corset. :slight_smile:

Thanks for buying! :slight_smile: Glad you’re finding Scrivener helpful.

Welcome! Matthew Graybosch

Now one to porefssional procrastination and distraction.

Lilith’s heart-shaped ass, no! I bought Scrivener so that I could finish my novel and get it published. Then, goddess willing, my characters will all meet against in Starbreaker II: The Search for More Money.