I'm being stupid, but I need file help

When I create a new project, it saves to a file in My Documents (I’m on Windows Vista). I would like all my Scrivener projects in one folder, to find them easier. How do I do that? I know it’s probably so simple a five year old can do it, but I don’t know.
Thank you.

Hi Milliebert,

You can just create a new folder to contain your projects, like you’d do for any other program. E.g. you can open File Explorer, navigate to your Documents folder, and then choose “New folder”, or you can browse for a location when you create a new project in Scrivener, navigate to wherever you want to create your new folder (Documents, in the example here) and then choose “New folder” there to create a folder that you can then select as the location of your project.

To move any projects you’ve already created into this new “Scrivener Projects” folder (or whatever you choose to call it), close the project in Scrivener and then use File Explorer to move the entire “projectname”.scriv folder into your new Scrivener Projects folder.

Doh. Blindingly obvious.

Thank you very much. I just realised I can create the new folder you suggest and put it straight on my desktop too, can’t I? That would make life easier!

Sure, you can put the folder wherever you like. The main thing is that you don’t want to move your .scriv folders (or the folder containing them) while the project is open. But you can save it wherever you like and move it around when Scrivener is closed if you change your mind later.