I'm confused about this update pricing

So… because I bought in early, I now get punished by having to pay for the update, while everyone who bought it later just gets it for free? That’s normally the opposite of a good business practice. The general plan is to reward people you hop in early, not make them shell out extra cash. Scrivener was the program I recommended above every other word processor, until right now.

Can someone explain the bizzare timing of this one?

I’m a bit confused by your logic. Since I bought Windows 98 when it first came out then I should have gotten Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7 for free, right?

With your logic the people who bought the program a week before the new version came out should have to buy it all over again for full price, right? Now that would be bizarre.

The only people who get the 2.0 version for free are the ones who paid for 1.54 in the month or so before 2.0 was released. Those of us who bought in early, in contrast, have been enjoying the productivity gains due to Scrivener for months or even years. If you haven’t gotten $25 worth of value from Scrivener since you bought it, then don’t upgrade. But personally I recovered my initial investment in a matter of days.


PS Oh yes, the Windows folks are getting to play for free at the moment, too. But they’re also dealing with beta bugs, so it’s hardly comparable.

Yes, I’m baffled by this one, too. Those who bought Scrivener three months prior to the update get the update for free. This is standard practice, because no one is going to feel good about software they buy and are then asked to pay to update two months later. Everyone else who owns Scrivener 1.x gets to update for $25 (the full price is $45). Are you seriously suggesting that I should just give away for free the two years of intense hard work I have put into 2.0? Or that I should only charge those who bought the month previously? Did Microsoft give you Office 2011 for free because you owned 2008? Did Apple give you a free update to the most recent OS X, iLife or iWork because you bought the previous version several years ago? (No, and in fact they offer no discount at all.)

As others have said, though, if updating to the massively-improved 2.0 on which I have worked my butt off isn’t worth $25 to you, then you are welcome to continue using 1.54.

“Worked my butt off” ?

Egad, Keith, you are beginning to talk Amurrican.

Or maybe you channeled Kevin on that one.

You are absolutely right. This pricing scheme is bizarre and weird – everybody should have to pay full price, no matter how close they bought it to the release date. Especially if they bought it after the release date…Scrivener 2 is a great upgrade. Frankly I was surprised (and happy) there was an upgrade price, because I was prepared to pay full price for it again.

Thanks Niran, that’s very kind of you to say.

Druid - maybe it’s down to me watching The Expendables last night… Although I think they said a bit more than “butt”. (“Butt” somehow sounds more polite than “arse”…)

If only your view rubbed off on vic-k.

I have never seen a developer give free updates to early buyers while making later buyers pay for the upgrade. Never. Can you cite an example?

And really, complaining about paying $25 for an update of this magnitude is pretty bizarre in itself. If you don’t think it is worth it, you’re free to keep using version 1.5 – which is a darn good piece of software.


I am confused you are even asking. This is not an update to the 1xx version… but a full new version. It is like moving from Leopard to Snow Leopard… or from pages 07, to pages 08 and so on. It is a full step up in versioning.

Hey, to me, I will play with the win version since I happen to have a nettie… and I will ALSO pay for the win version when it is released… now I can do this cross platform… and given the synch capabilities for the cloud… I can almost safely say that I will not need to get something else for the IPAD. That alone was worth the price of it.

And I can now do proper footnotes and comments and all that. What else do you want?

I asked about the pricing a long time ago and knew I wouldn’t qualify for a free upgrade. I expected to pay full price but all I ended up paying $26.21. I’m in Canada. C’mon… That’s nothing! It’s more than fair.

I’m one of those not-so-rich people. I take care to make the best purchases I can. This is why I use a Mac even though it costs twice as much as my daughter’s kick-butt Acer. I want quality. I want my money to be an investment.

I want to sit down and get to work! Not screw around with a second rate word processor designed for businesses.

I would have paid $200.00 for this massive upgrade. I’m not saying it would have felt great, but honestly, if I was hit with that price and had been using the software for a while, I would have folded and forked out the money.

Scrivener is a rare example of software that’s a great fit for a certain end user group. Most companies can’t or won’t focus on the needs of the few. They can’t afford to. Even a team of Apple programmers could’t have pulled this off.

I am one F#%@ing happy customer!

P. S.
It has a frickin’ name generator, people! C’mon! C’MON!!!

Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated! :slight_smile: