I'm FINALLY a writer!

I started writing a biography in Microsoft Word, but, when I started using a Mac laptop, I decided to look around the app store and internet to find an alternative. “There’s an app for that!” after all, and I was determined to find one that could better facilitate my writing. And find one I did.

Scrivener is amazing! I was able to create files for my chapters, a synopsis for each, and rearrange them to my liking using the corkboard feature. The best feature was simply being able to write whatever chapter I happened to be ‘feeling’ on a given day. With Word, I was using separate word documents to house my different chapters, and it was a nightmare. With Scrivener, it was simple.

The second best feature was the comparison tool that let me take a snapshot of the chapter, fiddle around with it, and see if I liked the changes I made or not. It was easy to revert back to an old state if things got out of control.

In conclusion, thanks to Scrivener my desire to write a story about my life has been realized. It’s called Under Crimson Rule (Kindle), and I hope someone out there enjoys it!


Sorry for late response