I'm hooked

I’ve something like 50 projects (some just piles of text) all moved to
CopyWrite over the last year, but was still having trouble getting much
I am prone to playing with formatting rather than writing, and I thought
that CopyWrite would help. It did, but not enough.

I needed something that would help me get from scribbles on random
pieces of paper to finishable stories.
I stumbled across Storyist on download.com.
I fought that program for most of the 15 day trial, and was just about
ready to claim I’d figured out what the programmer had in mind for
work flow, but I wanted to see who else might have been using it.
The only thing the web site offers is the embedded help files.
Not enough.

I googled Storyist, found a mention on this site, and read about
how it compared to Scrivener.
I’m glad I didn’t move too much to Storyist. I went through your
wonderful tutorial in one sitting, and immediately began work
importing a book outline I’d been stuck on.
I’ve fixed the knots in the plot, and have begun writing again.
What a joy!

As an ex-programmer, I know you won’t like to hear this, but:
even if you never write another program, Scrivener will make you


Thank you for your kind words about Scrivener. :slight_smile: I’m glad that it is helping you with your work. I’m getting chance to work with Scrivener on my own work these days, which is nice, and yesterday I used Export Draft to print off the outline of my novel ready to scribble over before going back to the computer. It game me an enormous amount of satisfaction to be able to do that at last. :slight_smile:

If you have any questions or need any help, the users on this forum are brilliant, and of course you are welcome to e-mail me directly should you need any support too.

Thanks again and all the best,