I'm joining the 64-bit "fun."

So I"ve been going down the dependency rabbit hole, and the last one I’ve got is the gstreamer-base plugins. (This is on Arch linux, 64 bit, which I’m told works well with Scrivener. One of the main reasons I chose it.) One of its dependencies is broken (lib32-avahi for lib32-sane.)

Any other arch linux users, who’ve found a workaround?

If anyone else bumps into this, phat props to josephgbr:


ETA: works on Archlinux. Need to fix aspell, but I know that’s an easy fix after lib32-avahi. :slight_smile:

ETA: aspell works much better, if you install a dictionary. Ahem.

So the dictionary, as far as I can tell, isn’t really 64 bit or 32 bit dependent. It’s just a bunch of information files. On ubuntu aspell is in /usr/lib, and the aspell library is in /var/lib. /usr/lib/aspell has a bunch of links to the files in the /var/lib aspell dictionary (as near as I can tell).

Is it similar for arch? How did you get it to work with the 32 bit aspell?

Oops, just answered you over there. Yeah, you need to have multilib support (however your distro does it). Then you’ll need to install both aspell and a dictionary for 32-bit. I’m having other issues with the dictionary–it’ll mark a word spelled correctly wrong, you choose the correct spelling, but it won’t “correct” it. It’s a bug that I remember was in the windows one a bit ago. (So I don’t think it’s related to 64-bit, especially, although I don’t remember getting that problem under 32 bit, with the caveat that I’ve only ever used the most recent version under 64-bit.)

Spellcheck works just fine with WINE/windows (32-bit), though. So I’m not sure what the deal is.