I'm loving it... but is there Styles?

Hi all,
I’m playing with some of my Character and Place Setting sheets and am the kind of person that goes through and styles all the headings and sub-headings and body texts so that I can change them all later at a whim. I like to try resting the eyes with different fonts and colours. It usually takes me a while to settle down on a theme.

So… (gulp)… I’ve been playing with the headings and Apply Presets and all that jazz, and just updated the headings… and nothing. My changes did not flow through to all the other headings and subheadings in the document I was working on, let alone all the way through Scrivener.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there simply no styles to my Character sheets etc? Does styling only apply when we Compile at the end? :blush:

Short answer: yes.

Slightly longer answer (which you’ll find at much greater length if you do a search in this forum): yes, for reasons which include:

  • one of the philosophical assumptions behind Scrivener is that you write both better and faster if you focus on the words first, and the styling/detailed formatting/layout later;

  • so the styling (above and beyond presets) is effectively in the compiling;

  • if you want more complicated styling than Scrivener’s compiling can provide, then compiling in a format suitable for import to a full-blown word processor is the route to follow;

  • what’s more, applying styles to Scrivener’s projects would be pretty complicated, given the software’s multi-file format, where only part of your project is in your computer’s RAM at any one time.

If you search as I recommend above, you will find, however, that the developer Keith Blount has discussed developing styles for Scrivener at some point in the future - with his caveat that it’s a large job and there’s only one of him.


Thanks Hugh. I understand, and now won’t be driven crazy by a pointless search.

I’ll set up the Template sheets very carefully and then be fine. Cheers! It’s awesome software anyway! It’s REALLY revolutionising how I approach story writing just in the first few days I’ve used it. The freedom to just dot down a few chapter ideas on a card and throw it in the ‘middle’ of the chapter bar somewhere… as a reminder that I have to write it more seriously later. Awesome! :smiley: