I'm new and have a question

Hi, yesterday I downloaded the trial of Scrivener and I absolutely love it.

I’ve been adding information like crazy! However, now I want to split my screen with information on the left and also another set of information on the right using the i button (i think it’s called the editor button) as I saw in the tutorial. It is not working for me. I also can’t find the tutorial to go back to view how to do this. :open_mouth:
Here is what I want to do: I want two different screens of information so I can type on the left main paper displaying my typing and I want to read and compare information from the right screen (where I click the i button should of made a the paper appear, yet it only makes the same paper appear that I have on the left side.

Your help is greatly appreciated here. :smiley:


I found it!!! Under help, now I remember at the beginning of tutorial it said go to Help to view this again or any questions. :smiley:

Welcome to the forums. You will find that people here are very helpful.

A tip for the future: if you have technical questions, post them in the Technical Support forum – you will probably get a quicker reply. The idea of the “Usage Scenarios” is for people to share the way they actually use Scrivener and their general working methods, in case they may be useful to others doing similar sorts of work.

Cheers, Martin.

Thank you Martin, I will look for that next time. I actually found a side tab that read Help and Support and I rewrote this question. I still can’t figure it out and I couldn’t find it on the tutorial.

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Once you split the editor, you then have to click into one of them, and then go to the binder and click on the document that you want to see there. The “i” button opens and closes the inspector, which contains information pertaining to whatever document has the focus.

You should probably view the introductory video literatureandlatte.com/videos.php to get a better foot-hold on the interface. It’ll save you a lot of frustration, since Scrivener is unlike most any other writing software out there.

Thank you!! I will try that tomorrow, I can go to my computer tonight to write. I hope that works for me. I’ll let you know if I figured it out.

Wow, while viewing the tutorial, I was able to see that once I do buy the full version (on trial now), I’ll have another advanced tool bar with more features. Wonderful! Now, as I was looking at my main screen, I saw the split screen small icon on my top right (I hadn’t noticed it be4), so I clicked it and it split the screen(I was only splitting the screen be4 by using the i button on top right). Then, I did as you suggested and I clicked on my right side on a topic in my binder and it appeared on the right! So, now I have two different screens of information, so now I can type away my words from my research notes!
Yes!! Thank you!! :smiley:
I still need to learn what the inspector is for and what it means. I’m hard of hearing, so I have to read my way through this, with the first introduction, I only skimmed through it. I will be alright for now. I’m excited about writing my first book!! Thank you again Robert!

Unless I have fallen behind with my knowledge (I purchased a long time ago, so I haven’t seen a trial version for years)…

The trial version and the full licensed version should be exactly the same, other than the time limit Trial Dialog message at the start.

So that advanced toolbar you are looking forward to in the full version is probably already available in the trial you are using right now, and just switched off.

My guess is what you might be looking for is either “Show Ruler” or “Show Format Bar” in the Format menu?


Hi Matt, I went back to the tutorial and saw the difference. Your right, there there’s only one tool bar in the tutorial as well. I only noticed that a Comment icon and also a Wrap icon is added to the full version on the tutorial, that I do not have on my 30 day trial version I’m using now.


You may have to customize your toolbar from your settings to get that icon; there is no real difference (other than the ‘this trial will expire in X days’ pop-up) between the trial and the full version, except when it has already expired. So everything you see in any video, or in a tutorial project, or screenshot is available to you right now (assuming you are using the same platform as the video or screenshot… Mac or Windows). There are some features in the Mac version that aren’t there yet in the Windows version-- that’s to be expected, since the Mac version was created years before the Windows version was started.

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It kind of sounds to me as though you might be looking at the Macintosh version of the tutorial? There are some extra buttons on the default Mac toolbar which go by what you describe. The “Wrap” feature in particular is not something yet available for Windows.

I’m not sure how you got that, but if you use the Help/Interactive Tutorial menu command that should only ever be generating a Windows tutorial.

If you mean the videos on the website—then yes those are mostly all Macintosh right now. We’re working on fixing that. As Martin points out, you’re already using the full version of the software. All unlocking it does is take away the expiration date and nag screen when you start using it.

Hi AmberV, thank you for clarifying. Yes,I there are two different tutorials and the link Robert gave me in the message above was from this website and it seems to be Mac. I have Windows and I went back and checked and you are correct. Thank you again

Some of those videos will be useful for their theories, but yes when it comes to specifics of interface you have to interpret them a bit.