I'm new - How to auto next style?

Hi, As all of us know. In Word Processor like MS Word, after we set all the styles – when typing and enter paragraph the software would automatically change to next style. Say heading to body by itself.

How do I do that in scrivener?

Thanks in advance.

Scrivener does not have the same concept of “styles” as Microsoft Word does. In Scrivener a “style” is just a name for set of font properties that can be used to conveniently assign that “style” to selected text. The name of the style applied is not “stuck” to that text as it is in Microsoft Word. Hence there is no way to “remember” next style. What you want is not how Scrivener works.

Although what you can do if you really need this is use scriptwriting mode. You could set up the formatting you want via Format > Scriptwriting > Script Settings, changing the script elements for whatever styles you need, then switch to scriptwriting mode inside the editor. In scriptwriting mode, when you hit return, the formatting switches to the next element, exactly as you wish. The only downside to this approach is that the word count isn’t visible at the bottom of the screen in scriptwriting mode.

I imagine that in the long run we will merge the scriptwriting mode into some form of proper styles system, as that is on the list for the future.

All the best,

Wow! thanks guys. I understand now. It wouldn’t kill me to miss this feature. I might also try scriptwriting too.

Just want to say also that I love Scrivener software so much, I have been so productive in the past 11 months after bought this software I written 4 books already.

Thanks for the kind words! And four books - blimey!
All the best,