I'm not going to learn code to use Scrivener

I tell you. Looking at the user’s manual and a lot of the “answers” to posts here on the forum - I happen to know what a

is, but there’s no way I’m going to be patient if that’s the language being used to tell me how to use this software. Novelists don’t know code, so they certainly don’t write code, and have not a clue what a
is. I know because I have had a website up since 1996. Even so, I don’t plan to learn coding to the point where I type
in even my own website code.

A question asked on this forum deals with putting an MP3 file into a document. The “manual” says Scrivener “supports” this. I tried it. Dragged and dropped a Quindar Note into Research then into a document. Normally, I would expect to find an embed function somewhere. I look in the “manual” and find all sorts of tech-speak about embedding data, and graphics, then I got a headache and shut it. I compiled as html to see what happens and I got the file name as text “Quindar Note”.

I look in the manual to see if there’s anything . . . you try it. Find this in your manual.

About ninety percent of your manual has nothing to do with me as a user, and what I need to find “how to” do, isn’t in your manual, at least in the language I know.

I’m a writer, an author if you will. I’ve spent my life honing that set of skills. It’s like the race car driver doesn’t have to know how to design an engine to race the car. My job is to write, not to get software to function other than practical computer use literacy - same as using a typewriter, I don’t have to be a typewriter manufacturer to type a manuscript. I’m not touting my skills at writing code to make software function. I’m the writer. I provide the textual content.

for what that’s worth mentioning.

You don’t need to know a < div > from a < span > in order to use Scrivener to write. But it might come in handy if you want to self-publish your own e-books. It will definitely come in handy if you plan to embed non-text elements like MP3 files in those books.

If you can find a tool that will embed multimedia files into a functional e-book without any coding whatsoever, you should use it. But what you are doing at that point is “publishing,” not “writing.”


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Thanks for pointing that out.