I'm on the Kindle bookstore…and Smashwords!

Dug out the old novel, gave it a bit of a polish, and put on the Kindle shop.

Regarding Avalon

I’ve done quite a lot with Scrivener over the years, but this is the first time I’ve played around with the eBooks and I’m glad to say it went pretty damn smoothly. I’ve tried other bits of software and Scrivener definitely comes up with best result with the least amount of effort.

Couldn’t get rid of the first line indent, though it works fine in ePub, so I reckon the problem is the Kindle rather than Scrivener.

Nice work, Mr Blount.

Yup, in fact Scrivener is probably inserting the necessary formatting codes to turn off indenting, Kindle just ignores them. It’s on the stricter end of the scale in terms of keeping books uniform in appearance. In most cases these decisions are up to the reader rather than the format. The formats themselves allow nearly word processor levels of text layout (they use the same language the Web uses for page display), but nearly all readers suppress the more advanced stuff and most of them take control over font and typesetting too.

Dom, hi ya,
Downloaded, Regarding Avalon, just read the review on Amazon site. Looks intriguing 8) Looking forward to reading it. :smiley:

Mucho éxito con el e-Avalon!

Thanks! … :smiley:

Would very much appreciate your take on it, if that’s okay. I’m cracking on with a second book so any comments would be extremely helpful.

And thanks again.

Yes, I thought that was the case. They’ve got the whole HTML set open to them, so it’s disappointing that they can’t be a little more adventurous.

Ah well …

Scriv 2.1 will allow you to get rid of the indents - I tracked down the cause recently. Basically, the Apple HTML output (I use a modified version of OS X’s standard HTML exporters) doesn’t output the indent at all for zero-based input, assuming it to be extraneous because any browser that loads HTML without an indent set will place the indent flush-left, that being the standard for browsers. But the Kindle will add a default indent if it finds no indent set. So in 2.1 I force the 0px indent into the HTML code, which fixes this.

Anyway, congrats on getting your e-book up on Amazon!

All the best,

You know, I’m not even surprised any more when you pop into the forum and say you’ve fixed a problem I’d only come across a few hours before. I think it’s called ‘support clairvoyance’.

I’ll keep an eye out for the fix. :smiley:

Hey, thanks for making it possible. Not sure I’d have the patience for dealing with Indesign.

Let’s ‘ave a look at t’screenplay, th’n.
If th’re aint one, y’s wants y’re arse kickin’! :open_mouth:
P.S. Best two quids worth, in a long long time. :wink:

Thanks very much! That’s made my morning that has … :smiley:

A screenplay? Hadn’t thought of a screenplay. I could give it a crack after the next book. So happens there’s a program knocking around here somewhere that can help with that :slight_smile:

Would it be okay to quote you on my blog? I’m trying to drum up interest.

Morning Dom :slight_smile:
I’ve actually just switched from your blog. Feel free to quote away. :smiley:

The agent of a fellow Scriv crew member and his partner/collaborator, advised them to write their novels as screenplays, first. The topic has been covered in the forums. The positive impact of the exercise on the novel itself, is supposed to be really worthwhile. This gal ‘n’ guy combo, are a formidable combo of published authors, so when they (he), proffer(s), their agent’s advice, to the rest of the crew, you can take it as read, that it’s advice they’ve evaluated, and embraced themselves. So, it may be worth your while checking out the concept. :wink:

As far as critiquing, Regarding Avalon,goes, I’m afraid I’m not skilled in that area. I only know what I like. If I’m not, aware, that I’m engaged in the reading process, then I’m enjoying the experience very much. I use the word, enjoying, to cover a multitude of emotional responses. I was definitely, not, aware I was reading, Regarding Avalon. The only negative emotion I experienced, was a tinge of disappointment at finishing the book.

Now! Notwithstanding the above reference to, screenplays, I was inferring, in my earlier post, that, as it stands, the novel, Regarding Avalon, would make, not just a great movie, but a movie that transcends demarcated genre boundaries. Obviously, it wouldn’t work as such, if it was made purely as a, lovefestic, paean to computer generated imagery/game/roll playing/shoot em upery. In fact, I wouldn’t use CGI at all. I’d use real locations and make real actors resemble our percived notions of avatars. Now that would be kinky!! :smiling_imp:

Anyway, Dom, I read the book at every available opportunity throughout the days and at bedtimes. Gripping! There are best selling novels out there, that I wouldn’t say that about, and…there are some big budget movies too, whose budgets would’ve been better utilised, making/filming, Regarding Avalon.

Best wind up now, lest folk think I’m your avatar giving you a plug!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
Take care
P.S. one little nitpick, give us a PM :wink:

Thanks! … :smiley:

That is a gem of an idea. For me, planning is important before I even start writing a book, but this would work on the planning level and also getting the skeleton of a story down on paper (scenes, dialogue…) before fleshing it out. Yes, I can see how this works. I’ll look up the thread. Thanks for this. I dunno why I never thought of it.

Once again, you’ve made my day. :smiley:

Blimey! It would certainly make it different! When you mentioned the idea of a screenplay (which, of course, I can’t stop thinking about now) I had the vague notion of having the London scenes filmed in CGI and the VR scenes all shot as live action (talk about getting ahead of myself!). My idea would confuse everyone I think; yours would work better.

Stunned, speechless. :blush:

Thank you so much. If it’s okay, I’d like to lift this bit for my blog, too!

Now, I have to go and look up screenplays.

Er…I don’t suppose you could point me to that screenplay thread … :blush:

Thank you!

S’okay! I found it here.

Thanks again!

youtube.com/watch?v=ci77llH0 … re=related

My goof!My account was pointing at an email address I dumped years ago.

No wonder I was getting any forum alerts.

All sorted. Thanks.

Nice touch with the YouTube clip by the way … :smiley:

After a bit of fiddling, I’ve managed to get Regarding Avalon on to Smashwords. Along with the Kindle, the book is now for sale in ePub format (for the iPeople) and PDF.

Again, not too difficult using Scrivener. Just output a Word (.doc) file and read the Smashwords style guide (carefully!) for really clear instructions on how to clean it up before submission.

The only difficulty is you need a really clean Word file, and Word is a format that becomes ‘dirty’ very easily unless you’re very careful.