I'm on to Volume 2 with Scrivener. How do I duplicate every setting and style for a new project?

I’m starting Volume 2 of a book I recently completed through Scrivener. If I strip all the extraneous files from my Volume 1 book and save it as a Template, will it retain all of the formatting, styles, and other million bits and bobs I painfully set up?

Many thanks!

Yup! A project template is basically just a “frozen” project that can easily be duplicated to make new ones just like it. Everything that goes into a project can be saved into a template[size=80][1][/size]. So what I would do is use File ▸ Save As… to create a temporary copy of your Volume 1 project and clean it out, remember to empty the trash, and then use the File ▸ Save as Template… command to preserve it in that state. At that point you could just start on Volume 2 in the cleaned out project and save the template for later—or you could trash it and use the template, either way it will be the same.

[size=80][1] There is one small exception in that Scrivener will perform an overall size check and warn you if it is too big. You won’t generally run into that unless you have video files or something embedded in the project though.[/size]

Awesome AmberV- thank you. Worked perfectly! So much stress taken away now that I have everything set up like I like it.

Indeed! Glad it’s working. I have a starter project I use for every new project that has my favourite label colours, and all of the various menu settings and such that I prefer. It’s very nice to not have to worry about that stuff. If you ever want to update the template, just make a temporary copy of the project with it, modify it, then save it as a template again (the form will be pre-filled out for you the second time) and trash the temporary project.