I'm running into this strange error on my copy of the new Scrivener

Dunno if I’ve ever posted a message on this forum before now, but I felt the need to share this error that I’m running into. I hope it gets resolved, somehow.

So, I was using the latest version of Scrivener today, and I thought to compile what I have so far as a test. I first tried to save it into an existing document on my computer, but it said the following (on this image):


I then think to myself, ‘Okay, maybe there’s a problem that came with exporting what I have to a file made with my older version of Scrivener.’ So I decided to export it to a fresh document. I set the settings accordingly:


And then I click on compile. While it does its thing, I wait, and then it gets to the file conversion section of the process… which results in this error:


Anyone know what gives?

EDIT: I forgot that I wasn’t copy-pasting the image link directly… my mistake.

Take a screenshot and include the image in the post, instead of including links to some exteral site.

Hi Xamusel,

A number of posters have reported errors related to ‘can’t save file’ with Windows v3, although yours is the first I can recall seeing that had to do with the compile process.

For many of these posters, the error was due to their overactive, overachieving antivirus program. :slight_smile: As a test, try disabling your antivirus and then running compile again. If compile works with the AV disabled, then you should whitelist Scrivener in your AV.

If disabling your AV has no impact, what happens if you choose another folder?


I did take screenshots, though… sorry if I failed again at image portions. -_-

@JimRac: I’ll give it a try right now…

gives it a try

Okay, it works, thankfully. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I feel like I should know how to do this, but I can’t figure out how to whitelist the new Scrivener for Avast Antivirus… ouch.

EDIT 2: I got it now… took a bit of Google searching to figure it out.

Glad to hear it! 8)

This was stressful of me, that’s for sure, and I had to deal with a bunch of troubleshooting on my end… well, glad I’m free of this problem now, anyway.